Change the History in this New Novel: The Mandela Effect (Free eBooks Available)

Author: Eric Blue

During the euphoria of the opening match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, a gad pipe bursts at the Vosloo Bar in Pretoria, taking Lindiwe Buthelezi back into the dark Apartheid days of 1987.

As her spirit entwines with that of her mother, Lindiwe Buthelezi Senior (who died while giving birth to her), a trail to save the future unfolds, as Lindiwe unearths the knowledge that someone is on a mission to stop the New South Africa by eliminating Nelson Mandela in his prison cell.

Lieutenant Pieter Erasmus is encouraged by his mentor, Colonel Jaap Cornelius, to carry out the evil deed, but as the younger cop follows and meets Lindiwe, his mind is transformed.

If Pieter backtracks on eliminating Mandela, then who is the real killer?

Enter US African-American Pearce Ellison, who is looking to land Mandela as his client in order to end his own Apartheid as the only black face on his company’s white board in Washington D.C.

All the role-players get a mention. From Mandela to P.W. Botha, F.W. De Klerk, Steve Biko and Neil Aggett (both who died in police detention), as well as Robert Mugabe (ZANU) and Joshua Nkomo (ZAPU).

How about love across the colour line in 1987, with Apartheid cop Pieter Erasmus and Lindiwe Buthelezi developing feelings for each other in an era where white looking at black or vise versa, was frowned on by the authorities?

All said and done, it is clear that P.W. Botha did not believe that the white minority would rule South Africa forever. He was just not able to take the step to acknowledge that a black man would one day be President of the country, as was the case when he never read out the ANC’s un-banning in his high-profile Rubicon speech in Durban in 1985.

This fiction satire novel takes the reader back to how Apartheid South Africa was compared to how life is today.

This book is freely available on Eric Blue’s website:

Eric Blue’s debut novel is the first of a three-part trilogy that makes both young and old realise just how far our country has travelled, as well as what could have been, what became, and what will be.

Where to from here for Pieter and Lindiwe? Watch Eric Blue’s website for the next book on his easy to remember website just

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