Fibre Boyz Internet Solutions For Home and Small Business

Today I want to talk to you about this epic new ISP (internet Service Provider) and just all round IT company. I’ll get to those details in a moment. Let me just give some context.
I’ve been in the internet game for a long time now and very rarely do I come across an IT company/ISP that gets my attention like these guyz. I mean boyz 🙂 So let me tell you about, as well as outline reasons why they should be your first choice next time you’re in the market for Fibre internet.

Who Are Fibre Boyz

First and foremost, Fibre boys, as their name suggest as a Fibre internet service provider in SA. They’re a young, black-owned & managed company based in Greenstone Hill Gauteng. They supply fibre to both homes as well as small businesses. Now, I hate to use massive ISPs and IT companies because I always feel disconnected to them and feel like they don’t have the customers interests at heart. That is why I choose Fibre Boyz. They specialise in home and small business fibre which means the customer actually gets to interact with the company which is not something I can say about any other ISP company I’ve used in the past.

The Best Customer Service

Like I mentioned above, I have tried many ISP both local and international and as soon as I had any issues or questions, Fibre Boyz were quicker, more helpful and most importantly, friendlier than any other provider I have used.
If you have a small business or work from home, you know how important a stable connection is. That is of course a given when it comes to Fibre Boyz. But we all know the stress of our internet cutting out and not or having issues and not getting the support you need. That is how it is with larger ISPs. However, with the Fibre Boyz, they solve all my problems in no time at all with a great attitude.
Not only that, but, they offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is amazing for me as I love working late at night and I know that if I ever run into any problems, the Fibre Boyz are just an email away. What an absolute pleasure! Gone are the days where I had to wait until the weekend was over to get the internet support I needed.

Bridging The Gap

Something that stood out the most to me with Fibre Boyz is their missions to “bridge the gap” by being able to various Internet products that South Africans can afford. This is especially great for those South African entrepreneurs looking to start their business and obtain internet solutions that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

More Than Just an ISP

Besides for providing great internet solutions for small businesses as well as for the home. The Fibre Boyz have a host of other services that maintain the same quality as their Fibre. Let me outline some more of the services you can expect to benefit from the Fibre Boyz:

1) Fibre Internet

As mentioned already, we know the Fibre Boyz to provide great Fibre internet to both small businesses as well as for personal use. With great support, fast speeds and most importantly, a consistently stable connection

2) LET Mobile Internet

The Fibre Boys are also suppliers of fast LTE mobile internet. They provide a wide variety of different packages to suit your personal or business needs. An LTE package is the ideals solution for you if you are a person or business that is constantly on the move and in need of mobile internet.

3) Smart Home Solutions

As we move deeper into the 21st century, not only are our phones becoming smarter but so are our houses. Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. And, The Fibre boyz have a fantastic selection of smart home solutions such as smart lights, plugs, hubs and a bunch more smart solutions via their shop link.

4) Internet Coverage For The Whole Home or Business

One of the solutions Fibre Boyz offer are their home/business routers, SEO backlinks and boosters. What these do is ensure there is a constant as well as consistently stable internet connection for the entire house or office. This is great for both home and business users for various reasons. Home users can benefit from the entire family being able to have access to the best possible connection. This means streaming, downloading, working etc are seamless for all. For business users, the benefits are of course the same except translated into the business place. This means a great consistent internet connection for all employees and customers.

5) Even More Services

More services from the Fibre Boyz include:
  • Office 365 – These include your applications/software such as Microsfot Word, Excel, Powerpoint and most importantly, Outlook.
  • Printers
  • Web hosting
  • Email Hosting, SEO

To Sum Up

So all in all, FIbre Boyz are a young, black-owned and managed internet solutions company based in Greenstone Gauteng. As I’ve already mentioned, they are a great choice of ISP for both small businesses as well as home users. A highlight of Fibre Boyz is for sure, their incredible 24/7 support and fast+ stable internet speeds. They also don’t cost an arm and a leg like a lot of other ISPs and should be strongly considered as a top contender next time you’re in the market for internet. Fibre Boyz are so much more than just a fibre supplier. They also provide LTE internet solutions for business and personal use. As well as Smart home solutions and internet coverage solutions for the whole house or business. They also offer other internet solutions such as web hosting, email hosting, printers and much, much more. Visit to get started!

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