Field Development Planning In The Engineering World

Are you an engineering student? Then listen up about this new and revolutionary cloud-based solution. This is something to acknowledge as we will most likely see this and/or similar types of platforms being integrated into many around South Africa as well as around the world. In essence, learning about this system and platform that we’re about to discuss can give you the upper hand as a fresh grad student looking for employment over other engineering students who are not aware of such technology.

Okay so enough about that, I’m sure by now you are wondering what exactly it is that we are blabbering on about.

Let us explain..

The Field Development Planning have brought the world a solution in which engineering workflows can be visualised in exceptional detail and can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world.

Thus, to put it simply, this software allows engineers to easily visualise, create and share workflows as well as manage their most important assets using a laptop and an internet connection.

What About Integration With Other Software?

The best part about this platform is the fact that it can be easily integrated with the backend of other platforms or software your organisation might be running. This makes it exceptionally versatile and thus, easy for any business to integrate. The great thing here is that if your business or your engineering team are using other software, say for example Aris then there will be absolutely no need to change that as Field Development Planner, as mentioned, is easily integrated with other software.

By using API, integration thus becomes easily possible.

A Collaborative and Visual Workflow

Nowadays, the importance of collaboration in business has never been more important. We’re no living in a world where remote working is becoming more and more accepted and companies as well as businesses are recognising that in order to get the best out of their employees, they should be giving them the freedom to work in their own environment. But what does this have to do with collaboration? Well, employees and/or consultants are now able to easily and effectively collaborate as well as work together with their visual layout which you have the choice of choosing between 2D and 3D for all your work flows.

Furthermore, this cloud-based platform works using a database that updates immediately. Thus, collaboration becomes possible no matter where in the world your team member or employees might be.

How Can This Benefit Engineers and Business?

There are honestly so many advantages and Pros to this software and platform that we could write a whole new article on just that. However, we will outline some of the most important benefits that this can bring to the engineering world and your business or skill set as a student. The advantages are:

  • Incredibly easy to collaborate with employees and team members all over the world.
  • The platforms allows for enhanced communication meaning faster results and better workflow
  • Real Time updating of databases means that engineers can work together remotely at the same time
  • I is completely cloud based therefore all you need is a laptop and an internet connection in order to work and access your assets
  • Lastly, it provides digital assets management from anywhere in the world.

So if you’re considering a career in engineering or workflows. Or you’re a business looking to improve their logistics and overall turnover then we highly recommend checking it out and giving it a try.



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