Five Reasons To Consider A Career In Engineering In South Africa

For many school leavers, deciding what to pursue as a career is a stressful decision to make. Sometimes teenagers simply leave the decision up to parents and teachers. However, if you want to take control of your future, you should make that decision yourself. Jobs in engineering are plentiful, and engineers are desperately needed. Here are five good reasons why you should become an engineer.

1. Engineers are paid well
If money is an important factor in choosing a career (which in this economic climate, it should be), you won’t do too badly working as an engineer. In fact, you will do really well. Engineers are one of the most highly-paid professions in the world.

2. Entrepreneurship
Having specialised knowledge and skills will give you the freedom to start your own companies. Think about start-ups that are now multi-billion dollar companies, such as Google and Facebook. These were started by software engineers or those studying software engineering.

3. Prestige
With a job title like “Engineer”, you’re right up there with the doctors and lawyers of the world. You can walk with your head held high and have a career to be proud of.

4. Discovery and creativity
Engineers may be seen as logical and square, but there is so much room for creativity in the engineering field. Einstein himself said that true intelligence was imagination. Plus, there are many opportunities to make life-changing discoveries.

5. Intellectually challenging
Engineers can be rest-assured that their jobs will never get boring, as the constant problem solving, creativity and logic used for everyday situations will keep them on their toes intellectually.

Engineering is a field where you are constantly being challenged, but where you can enjoy some incredible success, and even change the world.

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