How To Stop Misinformation About Corona From Flooding The Internet

Social media can be the cause and remedy of a lot of things. In this case, the information spreading through social media is usually incomplete, Hoax, misinformed, and it is the main reason that people are frustrated and worried even more. The people all around the world use the internet and social media, and the issue with social media is that it works like a Chinese whisper and changes the meaning of all the information coming from authentic sources.

But is there a solution to that? Can you stop the spread of misinformation? It there any law for stopping the spreading of hoax news? Can you stop the medial social portal not to upload hoax news?

We can not stop the spreading of the misinformation, but we can play our part. The governments are trying to control the hoax news, but the extensive social media network can not claw quickly. So, the solution is that you start by taking a step forward.

How to stop the spreading of hoax news?

You will be getting forwarded messages from WhatsApp, and you will find the information on Facebook and many other social websites. Follow the below steps and stay sane at this time of the pandemic.

Think before you spread the information

Whenever you get a message, make sure you read it and check it. We know you love your family and friends, and you want them to stay safe and secured. However, if you are forwarding the information without reading and thinking about it, the information will only make chaos and scare your loved ones.

Check the source

Whenever you see any information or receive a message regarding the information about Corona Virus, you need to make sure you check the source of information. If the source is legit, you can spread the news, And if the source is not authentic, you need to make sure you check and authenticate the information before you send it to anyone.

Don’t share if you are unsure.

If you are unsure, if the information is accurate or not, you should not share it. Do not share it, if you have the slightest doubt about the news being fake or incorrect. If you share it, the others will also share it further, and it will be chaos.

Check the facts

Most times, we assume if there are facts mentioned in the news, it will be accurate, but that is not correct all the time. You need to make sure that the facts are correct from an authentic source. Only then circulate the news.

All of these points are small and not significant. However, all of these can make a massive difference if you try to stop the hoax news from spreading among the people. Your little step can save a lot of people from doing anything wrong and believing in fake news. So, it better to circulate the authentic news from a sound source rather than broadcasting any news.

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