Indoor Plants Are Great For Our Well being

Indoor plants have always been the desired way for interior decorators to bring the outdoor environment inside your home. Your office or working environment is no different in the sense that it should make a statement with the use of indoor plants to soften the sterile appearance and harsh lines.

Indoor Plants Reduce Stress

An idea that’s being planted in more and more offices, senior care centers and homes is one that may surprise you: namely, the benefits of indoor plants. Studies show that being close to plants may reduce stress.

Research has shown that blood pressure and skin conductivity may benefit from the presence of plants in close proximity and that people in offices with plants recover from stress faster than those in unplanted offices.

The effect is shown to be more significant in offices where the tasks being performed are repetitive may not require high levels of concentration.

Indoor Plants Clean Our Air

Did you know that indoor plants are busy cleaning the air we breathe and absorbing chemicals emitted from building materials, carpets, computers & furniture.  Typically, buildings with a good amount of plants also have less airborne dust than unplanted ones. Plants are slightly negatively charged compared with their surroundings and will attract positively charged dust particles, reducing the number in the air and on surrounding surfaces.

Indoor Plants Dampen Noise

They also dampen traffic noise and absorb carbon dioxide, not to mention the psychological benefits which include stress reduction and increased feelings of wellness.

Because we are a small business we specialise in hands on customer service, with the business owners of Glass Gardens at tending to all our plants, a highly customised service. So the person you first contact will not only be the person who comes along to your building to give you initial advice, but will also be the person who will be tending to your plants.
Glass Gardens specialise in matching your requirements, including the type and colour of pot and the correct type of plant suitable for that particular area in your building. We also take into account the lighting situation, décor, room temperature and humidty levels.
The end result will ensure a well coordinated display to beautify your environment.

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