Laser Hair Removal – Benefits and Risks

Laser hair removal is becoming a massive industry in South Africa. People have a lot of questions regarding getting this done. For that reason, we have outlined the benefits and risks of laser hair removal to put your mind at ease.

If you’re currently waxing, shaving, or using depilatory creams to remove body hair, you know how uncomfortable it can be and how short term the results last. Laser hair removal is nothing like any other hair removal procedures.

Are you sick and tired of persistently having to shave and deal with undesired hair on your entire body? Tired of razor burns, and the pain? Laser hair removal may be the treatment for you.

In North America, laser hair removal is one of the top commonly done procedures in the cosmetic industry. It involves beaming targeted light straight into the follicles of the hair.

The laser slightly heats up your skin. This heat quickly damages the hair follicle and helps to keep it from growing in the near future. Hair follicle pigments can easily absorb the treatment without any harmful effects. This is the least painful hair removal treatment and achieve permanent result when done regularly over a period of time. How? By destroys the hair follicles.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Lasers are helpful with regard to eliminating undesirable hair from your entire body, even in sensitive areas such as the bikini line.

Advantages consist of:

  • Lasers can easily focus on dark, rough hair all without damaging the skin.
  • Every beam from the laser light uses a portion of a minute which enable it to take care of many hair at once. The light from the laser can certainly deal with space roughly the dimension of one forth every single second. Tiny parts, for example, the higher lip is usually taken care of in about 30 seconds, and larger parts, for example the rear or hips and legs, usually take about an hour.
  • Majority of customers can have long-lasting hair loss effects following only two to five treatment. Varies depending on the amount of hair and the thickness.

The most commonly areas of the body treated are:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Bikini Line
  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Upper Lip
  • Abdomen

If you would like a specific area treated, you should consult with your local professional.

This procedure is safe for both women and men of all ages. Children can also have it done as long as their parents or guardian grant permission. It has become much more popular with men. Men have their backs, chests, abdomen treated and some even treat their face.

How to Prepare

Laser hair Treatment is much more than just simply” zapping” unwelcome hairs. It’s a cosmetic procedure that needs to be administered by a trained professional. There can be a tremendous risk if performed by an untrained person. Prior to going ahead with the procedure, it would be in your best interest to carefully examine the certification of the specialist undertaking the procedure.

In case you are thinking about undergoing the treatment, you should limit waxing, and other treatments for at least six weeks prior to the procedure.

It would be wise to avoid exposure from the sun for at least fourteen to twenty-one days prior to make the recovery period as short as possible.

If you tan, you may not want to have the treatment preformed. You can wait until your tan is gone and then proceed. The treatment can be less effective on tanned skin.

Read more about the procedure.

During the Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Right before the procedure, hair which is to be going through treatment are going to be clipped to a couple of millimetres over the epidermis exterior. This laser light gear is going to be tweaked good coloration, fullness, in addition to area of your hair staying treated plus your pores and skin.

With respect to the laser light as well as source of light employed, you and also the technical assistant will need to have on correct eye safety. It will likewise possibly be essential to defend the actual exterior cellular layers of this epidermis having a frosty solution as well as exclusive chilling unit.

This can help the actual laser light lighting sink into skin.

Upcoming, the actual technical assistant will deliver some sort of pulse of lighting on the treatment method region watching the region for a few minutes to be sure the best options were being employed also to look for awful reactions.

When the process is completed, you may be presented snow provides, anti-inflammatory products as well as lotions and creams, as well as frosty water to help relieve any kind of pain. You could possibly plan the next treatment method 2 or 3 weeks in the future.

Possible Risks and Recovery

For any day or a couple later, the particular handled division of your skin layer will certainly appearance and feel just like it truly is sunburned. Awesome compresses and moisturizers could help. If you confront ended up being handled, you’ll be able to put on makeup in the morning until your skin layer is actually blistering.

Within the following month, the handled tresses will certainly fallout. Use sunscreen for the using month to help you reduce short-lived changes inside colour from the handled pores and skin.

Blisters usually are extraordinary nevertheless tend to be most likely throughout individuals with richer complexions. Some other probable uncomfortable side effects usually are puffiness, redness, and scarring damage. Lasting scarring damage or changes throughout skin colour usually are extraordinary.

While this procedure is quite safe, there are still some cons. The person treating you is the biggest risk. Your skin can be damaged if this is performed by an unqualified person. Always make sure that the person performing the procedure is certified or licensed in your city.

Laser Hair Removal Results

Hair overgrowth in different parts of some people’s bodies can create problems. A solution for people who don’t like the excess hair on their body is to give serious consideration to undergo laser hair removal treatment.

One of the best things is that you get rid of all of that extra hair on your body without a whole lot of pain or discomfort. The treatment usually does not take long and you usually don’t need to stay in the hospital for the treatment. The best part of this procedure is that your unwanted hair does not in most cases return when the laser hair removal result s is final.

You will usually find at least four types of laser lights that doctors commonly use. The Alexandrite, the ruby, the diode and the ND and LP ND Yag or the Candela Gentle Yag are considered very safe.

What Is It That Makes for Quality Laser Hair Removal Results?

Technically, your results happen by sending out laser light to the hair follicles and destroying the roots of the hair. Dermatologists use just enough amount of laser light to destroy the hair follicles without really harming the surrounding tissues. Isn’t that great? Once the roots of the hair are destroyed, the hair usually does not grow again. If such is the case that your hair does grow back again then usually the grain of the hair returns much finer and would not really look as unsightly as it used to be.

How Does the Laser Beam Find the Hair Follicles?

As the hair follicles are found by the dermatologists, then they usually focus on the dark colour of the hair to guide them. Consequently, the laser beam is targeted on the dark coloured portions in the skin of the patient. Since laser hair removal treatment relies on the difference between the colours of the skin and the hair of the person, this does constitute the equation that not all people will qualify for this procedure of hair removal treatment.

Very light-coloured skin and those with very dark coloured skin are people who usually do not qualify for this type of treatment. According to dermatologists, very fair people usually have very fair hair that it is very difficult for them to distinguish the skin from the hair follicles.

For very dark people, the problem of identifying the hair form the skin is even more difficult. Since it is dangerous to just point the laser beam to non-specific directions in the skin, the real skilled dermatologists would rather not perform laser hair removal treatment on very fair and very dark types of skin, and for good reason.

The Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal

In line with the National Culture connected with Cosmetic or plastic surgeons, the normal price regarding laser treatment will be $235 every procedure. The fee ranges commonly, based on factors including:

  • Dimension of the location getting treated along with time necessary for cure
  • Number of treatment options
  • No matter whether a health care professional or even other people will be accomplishing the method
  • The actual area of the country your location having the course of action

A common problem in Canada is that a lot of people have a problem with the excessive growth of hair on their bodies, not very many people actually go to the clinic and ask about the average cost of the regimen. Studies do show that one of the greatest factors that often deters the patient from seeking help about their hair growth problem is that they are afraid that the procedure will cost them a whole lot more than they can afford.

On a good note, the average cost is not really as much as people think. Of course, the average cost in some areas of the country could be higher but you need to realize, because it is important to you to remove those unsightly hairs on the differing parts of your body, than it will be easier to afford at least the average.

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