Review | Monster Ntune Headphones

For the past few weeks I had the awesome experience of rocking the brand new N-TUNE MONSTER headphones.

Being the stylish, sleek and sexy headphones that they are, they fitted in quite nicely with the RiseAndGrind Breakfast show. Delivering explosive bass power for all those Hip Hop tunes we like, as well as nuanced subtle tones for when we’re feeling a bit mellow, these Monster headphones are an essential companion for any radio presenter trying to deliver their best product on air.

The only qualm I have with these slick headphones, is that they do not cover the entire ear and as a result do not reduce a lot of outside noise. Besides this however, these monsters are named adequately, truly being a beast of a pair of headphones. I would definitely buy a pair of these head phones if the price tag was more endearing.

On you can purchase the Monster Ntune Over for R1 168.63.

By Duncan Patrick

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