Save The Date: March 14 Valentines Day for Guys Is a Thing!

Oh yes, National Guy’s Valentines Day is a real thing! So ladies and gentlemen, get your diaries, notebooks and calendars out and save March 14th as the day to celebrate your man and show him your appreciation.

Let us explain…

Valentines day, a mainly western holiday, has since become a holiday celebrated all over the world. Adopted and changed to suit different ideologies and cultures. The essence of the holiday remains the same all over. A day for celebrating the love of your partner or trying to win over your crush.

When we think of Valentines day in the traditional sense, we often think of the man trying to win the woman over. Whilst both men and woman receive cards and gifts on the 14th of Feb, most of the time, men find themselves spending a lot more, not only in terms of gifts, but effort such as booking dinner dates etc. It is this that makes this holiday very female-centric.

In fact, many studies have been done over the decades that back-up the claim that men spend more on valentines day than woman do.

Around 18 years ago, a local radio station in the United States had a particular DJ on air, who at the time spoke out, in a rather joking way that men should indeed have their own celebrated day. Due to the fact that men spend so much more time pleasing their partners and spending so much more on that day.

However, some bad words became associated with this DJ’s plight for a mens-holiday. And as a result, did not gain the media coverage it deserved due to the fact that it contained a swear word (or two) that were not suitable for the public.

After this idea for a Men’s Valentines day died down for another 14 years. A company which is based in Louisiana decided to save the idea from extinction and finally create a man-centric holiday which was appropriately named “National Guy’s Valentines Day”.

The company that made this all happen is called LoveWorks® and as mentioned, are based in Louisiana.

The idea is to celebrate your man and send him a gift to let him know that you appreciate him. But, this is not just for couples. You can also buy gifts and acknowledge your dude-friend or your bro-crush. Whatever the reason might be, the 14th of March has been reserved as the day to celebrate men and make sure that they feel appreciated.

Sure, there is such a thing as fathers day. But in the 21st century, where people statically are having children later in life, not every male is a father yet, Therefore, LoveWorks® created this day to celebrate all men and ensure they are gifted appropriately to ensure they know they are loved and needed.

Of course, this is not a serious holiday, and like valentines day is one where we can use it as an excuse to spoil our significant other and show them just how much we love them.

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