UCT Mourns Madibas Passing

Flags at the University of Cape Town will fly at half-mast today as staff and students mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela.

On 30 November 1990, shortly after his release from prison, Nelson Mandela visited UCT to receive a Doctor of Laws honoris cause, receiving a hero’s welcome from the masses of people gathered on the historic Green Mile rugby fields below.

Today UCT gathered for Madiba at 14h00 on Jameson stairs in quiet reflection to mark the passing of this unforgettable hero.
“Together with everyone in the country – and across the world – the university is experiencing overwhelming sadness and loss,” said UCT Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price.

“Madiba taught us all about what it means to be humane in an often inhumane world. His courage and tenacity in fighting for democracy during his earlier years, the triumph of his spirit during his long incarceration, his astute and dignified leadership, and his wise counsel have all exemplified a way of being in the world that we should revere and emulate,” said Dr Price.

“Our thoughts are with the UCT Chancellor, Mrs Graça Machel, and the Mandela family as they navigate this intensely personal period of mourning. We have extended our deepest condolences to them and assured them that future generations of staff and students will continue to look towards Madiba’s achievements for inspiration.”

UCT will forever reflect on Mandela’s legacy.


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